Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims Association Comes Out Against Advertisers’ Treatment of Johnny & Associates

Earlier today, Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims Association, an advocacy group composed of victims of Johnny Kitagawa, released a statement in reaction to the stream of advertising contract suspensions currently facing Johnny & Associates. The group does not support the treatment the company is currently receiving.

Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims Association said that they wanted to “express our deep respect for the commitment to human rights” that the various corporations are currently undertaking by reviewing their relationship with Johnny & Associates.

On the other hand, the group said that the suspension of contracts, which they do not support, could lead to further violations of human rights by threatening the status of Johnny’s talent and employees.

They also called on the media to set up a third party investigation to examine the structural problems in the media that prevented them from covering the Kitagawa abuse accusations over the decades.



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