Johnny’s Commemorates their First Coming of Age Ceremony for Members in 17 Years

At Tokyo’s Akasaka Hikawa Shrine, Johnny’s hosted their ceremony for their members coming of age. The last time they did so was over 17 years ago. In addition, Kokubun TaichiInohara Yoshihiko and Kikuchi Fuma were also present for the event.

The participating members were:

  • From Naniwa Danshi: Michieda ShunsukeNagao Kento
  • From Hi Hi JetsSakuma RyutoIgari Souya
  • From Bishonen: Sato Ryuga
  • From 7MEN SamuraiSasaki Taiko
  • From Shonen NinjaKawasaki KoukiAjima HidekiUchimura SoutaFukuda Ryusei
  • From AmBitiousKoshiba Riku

Speaking on behalf of all the new adults, Michieda said: as our generation now turns twenty, we’d like to become the people others within the company can respect. As we go into our 20s, 30s, and 40s we want to continue to work hard so that people can proudly look at Johnny’s.

The idea of holding this event yet again for new adults at Johnny’s was proposed internally by many of the talents within the agency, particularly for those in the post-2006 “no ceremony” generation. While they were able to receive advice and warm congratulatory messages from older members, people wanted a way to commemorate this major turning point for the new generation. Rather than calling this a revival of an old event, Johnny’s wanted to update the ceremony for today’s day and age.

Edit: Directly from the company, we have a special comment from Johnny’s and have reflected that Iwasaki Taisho was absent due to illness.

From Inohara Yoshihiko:

With so many of these milestone events having been postponed, toned down, or outright cancelled in recent years due to the pandemic, I wanted to ensure our new adults of 2023 felt firsthand the brighter future we’re heading into. I wanted to give them a chance to celebrate their coming of age not only with each other, but with their fans.

Source: Oricon


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