48 Group Celebrates the Coming of Age Ceremony for 2023

The various 48 Group teams all celebrated their coming of age ceremony today! The only exception was NGT48, which several weeks ago had a separate one for the two members (one of which has graduated) would be turning 20 this year. Find their photos and comments below!

From AKB48‘s ceremony at Kanda Myojin Shrine, members Utada HatsukaHirano HikaruYamada KyokaYoshida KarenHirata Yuki and Kawahara Misaki celebrated. Unfortunately Kawahara was absent due to illness, but the rest were able to celebrate. Find their full photos here.

For SKE48, there were 6 members at the ceremony held at Nagoya’s Atsuta Shrine. The 6 members were Kawashima MiharuOkamoto AyakaNomura MiyoMizuno AiriIto Miki and Ishizuka Mizuki. Find full coverage of the event here.

NMB48, celebrating at Osaka’s Tenmangu shrine, saw members Manabe Anju, Hayakawa Yuna, Hongo Yuzuha, Sadano Haruka, Hirayama Mai, Satsuki Aika and Nakano Mirai celebrate what they called their “Hatachi no Tsudoi”, another term for the ceremony commonly used throughout Japan.

HKT48 members Takeda TomokaTanaka IoriSakamoto Rino and Murakami Wakana celebrated at Sumiyoshi Shrine in Fukuoka. After the ceremony they touched the hands of the Rikishi statue which is said to bring power to those who do so. Find the full photos of the event here.

For STU48, they celebrated at Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine, with members Iwata HinaUtsumi RineKawamata AnnaTanaka Miho and Yoshizaki Rinko participating. Okada Azumi was scheduled to participate but could not due to covid.


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