Johnny & Associates to Open Mental Health Service, Appoint Outside Directors

Johnny & Associates released a statement today explaining further steps it would take in light of the Johnny Kitagawa abuse scandal.

The company believes that in regards to their talents mental health is the most important thing, so on May 31, the company is opening a mental health service externally for those talents who have been affected by the scandal. The service will be staffed by a psychosomatic physician and a psychologist. They will treat their patients’ mental problems in a manner that provides the best possible care, while respecting their privacy.

Johnny & Associates also believes that the scandal has shown it has a management problem, and is looking to improve this situation. It plans to do this by bringing in a team of outside experts, led by lawyer Hayashi Makoto, to form a team to prevent the recurrence of abuse. The team also includes Asukai Nozomi, Director of the National Victim Support Network and Chairman of the Tokyo Citizens Center for Victim Support, as well as three psychologists who support sexual abuse victims.

The names of the psychologists have not been revealed yet. They also do not have a previous relationship with Johnny & Associates. While ensuring independence and fairness, the team will identify problems in the company’s management, create measures to prevent recurrence, and make recommendations to the company.

On July 1, Nakai Tokutaro, Shirai Kazuyuki, and Fujii Mari will will be appointed as outside directors to improve and strengthen the management of the company, including ensuring compliance and implementing measures to prevent recurrence.

Nakai has a track record of proposing various social reforms by going “beyond short-term thinking in corporate management” and “promotion of SDGs and carbon neutrality.” Shirai served as the head coach of the Japanese team at the “2023 WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC.” He has received high praise from many companies and organizations for his coaching style, which is based on his experience as a professional baseball player and coach. Johnny & Associates believes that its talents and staff will be able to develop a broader and more flexible perspective than before by receiving coaching from him. Fujii is a harassment counselor and investigative committee member as vice president of the Daini Tokyo Bar Association. He has experience as a member of a power harassment investigative committee at a company. His high level of expertise and experience in the field of harassment is expected to be a major driving force in strengthening the company’s management.



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