Johnny & Associates Retires Name

Per the company’s press conference on October 2, Johnny & Associates has now retired the company’s name as of October 17.

The company that was Johnny & Associates, the management company, is now SMILE-UP., the victim compensation company. The talents of the company are now under a new management company which is currently awaiting a name courtesy of the company’s fan club members.

Until the management company’s new name is revealed, the company is using a temporary name: Family Club. The temporary rebranding is as follows:

Johnny’s net→FAMILY CLUB Official Site

Johnny’s Family Club→FAMILY CLUB

Johnny’s web→FAMILY CLUB web

Johnny’s net online→FAMILY CLUB online

The Johnny & Associates X (Twitter) account has also gone under temporary rebranding. The account administrator explained the current situation in English.

In addition, Johnnys’ Jr. wil now simply be known as “Junior.” The Johnnys’ Jr. official site is now “Junior Official Website”, whileb the Johnnys’ Jr. YouTube channel is now “Junior CHANNEL.”


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