September 28, 2023

JO1 Announces Their 7th Single, TROPICAL NIGHT, To Be Released April 5th


The Japanese K-pop group JO1 announced today that they would be releasing their next single, TROPICAL NIGHT, on April 5th.

The main catchphrase for this single is “the passion of pursuing a goal; the beauty of the young who are passionately chasing after something”. The trailers for the song are meant to capture the aftermath that comes with putting all of yourself into a work and feeling the pain and loss that hits when that work is done.

The single will be released as three versions:

  • Type A will include both the song We Good as well as a special recording titled JO1 no Jounetsu -Necchuhen –
  • Type B will include the song Romance instead of We Good, as well as the recording titled JO1 no Jounetsu -Omoidehen-
  • Regular edition

All versions will come with a serial code to apply to an in-person showcase event, online owatashikai, and online talk event.

In addition, the individual high touch events for debut single PROTOSTAR will now be held, as they were originally postponed due to the pandemic.

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