Sakurai Sho Becomes 3rd Father in Arashi

On the 15th, Arashi fans got a very special announcement from the 41 year old Sakurai Sho, who has just become a father! This makes him the third parent in the legendary Johnny’s group, with fellow members Kazunari Ninomiya and Aiba Masaki also having recently had children.

In 2021, the idol announced that he had married a fellow classmate and non-celebrity from his Keio University days in a double announcement from Sakurai and Aiba, who also announced his marriage on the same day. Reportedly, the decision to get married was made after Sakurai and his now-wife firmly agreed to start a family together.

Both mother and child are healthy, with Sakurai reportedly saying that he feels incredibly moved by this new development in his life.

Source: Sports Hochi


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