Japanese Music Industry Forms Council to Take on AI

Nine organizations within the Japanese music industry have formed a new group, “Music Associate Council on AI”, to study and make recommendations on how to create a framework in regards to usage of AI in the industry. These nine organizations are:

All Japan Concert and Live Entertainment Promoters Conference (ACPC)

Japan Federation of Authors and Composers Associations (FCA)

Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME)

Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPA)

Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ)

Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composersm and Publishers (JASRAC)

Center for Performers’ Rights Administration (CPRA)

Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)


In the council’s founding statement, it was that that if AI “is in harmony with the creative cycle, it is expected to contribute to the healthy spread and development of culture, art, and content business.” But they also warned that given the capabilities of AI, that “creators and artists may find their opportunities narrowed due to generative AI that learns from the content they create and improves its performance.”

Under current copyright laws, the intentions of right holders cannot be reflected in the use of learning to develop AI for commercial purposes. There is also no effective redress system in place to protect artists from deepfake content that is created by reproducing artists’ likenesses and voices.

The new council has the motto of “for Creators, for Artists”, and aim create a system where AI can be used harmoniously in the music industry.


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