Is Satoshi Ohno Leaving Johnny & Associates?

According to Nikkan Gendai, next month, Satoshi Ohno of Arashi will open a resort in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture. The impending opening of the resort has made it clear that his hiatus from the entertainment industry will soon be a full-fledged retirement.

A writer living on the island said, “Ohno plans to not only open a resort on the island, but also an Italian restaurant. He spends his spare time fishing and living a life of leisure. Compared to his idol days, his current look is swarthy.”

It was reported in March 2016 that Ohno had created a hospitality company. The company bought a piece of beachfront land on Miyakojima. Since then, a large resort has been built on the land by a world class local architect, with an Italian restaurant in the works.

According to an entertainment production staff member, the talents of Johnny & Associates are not allowed to have side businesses, but Ohno is doing so, with clear proof of it.

Ohno has a partner in the company, who acts as the company’s public face. According to an entertainment writer, the business partner is a member of a TV production company who Ohno came to know through his TV work.

But there is a reason why Johnny & Associates has somewhat agreed to Ohno’s side business.

According to the entertainment writer, the reason is the huge sales from Arashi’s fan club, which Ohno manages, as well as hopes that Arashi will resume activities as soon as possible. The writer also said that things about his business partner are being leaked by someone close to Johnny & Associates in an effort to get Ohno to return to work.

However, Ohno has allegedly been pushed further from resuming activites due to the sudden departure of Hideaki Takizawa. According to the entertainment writer, even before his hiatus, Ohno had no intention to resume activities. The departure of Takizawa, who Ohno was part of Johnny’s Jr. with and who was respected by Ohno even though he is a junior, made him lose what desire he had to return from hiatus.

With Ohno’s resort opening soon, he and Johnny & Associates must make a decision about whether or not he will remain in the company.



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