Hoshino Gen to Release New Single “Hikari no Ato / Seimeitai”

On December 27, Hoshino Gen will release his new single, “Hikari no Ato / Seimeitai.” This is his first single since June 2021’s “Fushigi / Souzou.”

“Hikari no Ato” serves as the ending theme for the new anime film “SPY x FAMILY CODE: White.” The news was announced on December 22, the day that the film was released in theaters across Japan. Gen looks at “Hikari no Ato” as the sequel to his song “Kigeki”, which served as the ending theme for the first half of the first season of the “SPY x FAMILY” anime series on TV Tokyo.

“Seimetai”, which was released digitally this past August, served as the TBS theme song for its coverage of The 2023 World Athletics Championships and The 2023 Asian Games.

Gen’s new single will also include the song “Otomotachi”, which he wrote for Audrey‘s upcoming February “All Night Nippon” Tokyo Dome, as well as the UCC CM song “Beyond the Sequence.”

In tandem with the release of “Hikari no Ato / Seimeitai”, Gen has released the music video for the single’s first A-side. Ahead of the video’s release, he held a YouTube livestream. Both of these videos can be found below!

Limited Edition

星野源「光の跡 / 生命体」初回限定盤ジャケット

Regular Edition

星野源「光の跡 / 生命体」通常盤ジャケット

1. 光の跡 (Hikari no Ato)
2. 生命体 (Seimeitai)
3. おともだち (Otomotachi)
4. Beyond the Sequence

Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD
「YP Live Streaming “宴会” 鳳凰篇」全12曲&ドキュメンタリー (“YP Live Streaming ‘Utage’ Kojiro Hen” Zen 12 Kyoku & Documentary)
1. エピソード (Episode)
2. SUN
3. ダスト (Dust)
4. ドラえもん (Doraemon)
5. そしたら (Soshitara)
6. ダンサー (Dancer)
7. ストーブ (Stove)
8. Nothing
9. レコードノイズ (Record Noise)
10. 不思議 (Fushigi)
11. ギャグ (Gag)
12. Hello Song&ドキュメンタリー (Hello Song & Documentary)

1. ひらめき (Hirameki)
2. ばらばら (Barabara)
3. スーダラ節 (Sudara Bushi)
4. 恋 (Koi)
5. 化物 (Bakemono)
6. 地獄でなぜ悪い (Jigoku de Naze Warui)
7. くせのうた (Kuse no Uta)
8. くだらないの中に (Kudaranai no Naka ni)


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