Hoshino Gen Releases MV for New Song “Seimeitai”

The 2023 World Athletics Championships will take place in Budapest, Hungary August 19 – 27. They will be followed by The 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China September 23 – October 8. Both events will be broadcast in Japan on TBS. It has been announced that Hoshino Gen‘s new song, “Seimeitai”, will serve as the network’s theme song for both events.

Speaking of his new song, Gen said that he wants the song to be not only one that cheers the atheletes on in competition, but also one that cheers on everyone in life during these chaotic times.

In tandem with its August 14 digital release, the music video for “Seimeitai” has also been released. The video is composed of split screens. The scenes on the screens feature Gen performing, as well as a wide variety of everyday people living their lives in the present. Among these people is former Nogizaka46 member Asuka Saito. Check out the video below!

In related Gen news, his talk show with Audrey‘s Wakabayashi Masayasu, “LIGHTHOUSE”, will premiere on Netflix worldwide on August 22. The show is produced by Sakuma Nobuyuki. He named the Gen and Masayasu’s unit “LIGHTHOUSE” because of their ability to shine a light on troubled people, akin to an actual lighthouse. The six-episode series consists of the duo meeting once a month to discuss their daily lives. Gen created the show’s theme song, “Mad Hope.” It features Louis Cole and Sam Gendel, and can be heard in the show’s trailer below!


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