Hiroya Ozaki Pays Tribute To His Late Father Yutaka Ozaki With A Cover Of “I LOVE YOU”

On March 29, singer-songwriter Hiroya Ozaki released a cover of his late fathers’ iconic song “I LOVE YOU.” He is the only son of Yutaka Ozaki, who died in 1992 at the age of 26. The original version of I LOVE YOU was released in 1983, and after about 40 years the song has been handed down from father to son.

Akira Soda, who was Yutaka’s record producer and is now a supervisor for Hiroya commented, “I am grateful and amazed that Yutaka Ozaki’s music continues to be loved even today. Now his son Hiroya will cover his songs. He has sung I LOVE YOU live on TV before, but never recorded a studio version. Since Yutaka Ozaki is no longer singing in front of us, he has been begging himself to carry on the legacy. Has the time finally come? I think he did a wonderful job of turning his father’s signature song into his own. His heart trembles with an indescribable heart-trembling emotion. Ozaki sings Ozaki. My secret dream finally came true.”

I LOVE YOU will be included in Hiroya’s new EP “I LOVE YOU” scheduled to be released on April 5. The tracklist includes a cover of “Oh My Little Girl” also originally sung by Yutaka Ozaki. An official lyric video filled with heartfelt photos was also released on YouTube. Check it out below!


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