September 24, 2023

Hiroshi Abe to Receive Award for Achievements and Contributions to the Asian Film Industry



Actor Hiroshi Abe who has starred in several films such as Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Still Walking and After the Storm, will be awarded the Excellence in Asian Cinema award at the 16th Asian Film Awards (AFA) in Hong Kong next month. The Excellence in Asian Cinema award is an award that puts a spotlight on talented filmmakers or actors and honors their achievements and contributions to the Asian film industry and Asian culture. Abe will be the third Japanese actor to receive this award following Miki Nakatani in the 9th AFA and Koji Yakusho in the 13th AFA.


Since his debut as an actor in 1987, Abe has starred in over 90 films and went on to win critically acclaimed awards such as Best Actor at the 36th Japan Academy Awards, for which he won for his role in Thermæ Romæ


Wilfred Wong (Chairman of the Asian Film Awards Academy) stated that Hiroshi Abe’s status in the Japanese entertainment industry is one of a kind and that his love of acting has brought freshness and vitality to Japanese films and TV dramas, and has greatly contributed to the development of Japanese entertainment.


Abe commented, “When I first heard that I won the award, the staff who had worked with me all along were by my side. I am very happy and grateful to be able to share this award with everyone.” 


The ceremony for the 16th Asian Film Awards will be held in Hong Kong on March 12th with Abe in attendance. 

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