Hinatazaka46’s Formation for 9th Single “One choice” Has Been Revealed

On April 19th, idol group Hinatazaka46 will release their 9th single “One choice.” The formation has been announced and 2nd generation member Nibu Akari will be in the center position, making it the first time she will center a title song. 


The rest is as follows: 

Row 1: Saito Kyoko, Kageyama Yuka, Nibu Akari, Kamimura Hinano, Kato Shiho


Row 2: Tomita Suzuka, Matsuda Konoka, Kawata Hina, Kosaka Nao, Kanemura Miku, Hamagishi Hiyori, Sasaki Kumi


Row 3: Sasaki Mirei, Yamaguchi Haruyo, Takase Mana, Takemoto Ayaka, Higashimura Mei, Ushio Sarina, Morimoto Marie, Takahashi Mikuni


More details about the single, such as the coupling song will be announced at a later date.




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