XG Releases Teaser for Documentary Series

On March 18th, in honor of the XG’s 1st year anniversary since debut, a teaser video for a new documentary series about the formation of the group was released on YouTube. Unlike their many peers that debuted under survival shows, last year XG debuted with the single “Tippy Toes” without much pre-debut exposure. From the beginning XG have been described as an unconventional group since the members are from Japan, but sing only in English and are currently based in South Korea. So naturally there has been much curiosity and interest about how the group was formed. It has been revealed earlier that in order to create the group there was a 5 year long development process as a part of Avex’s global expansion strategy. In the teaser, footage of young girls vigorously training to become world class artists can be seen. In the last few seconds, XG’s Executive Producer Simon Park can be heard saying “If we fail, I’ll take all of the responsibility.” 

NanteJapan will be covering each episode of the documentary so stay tuned!


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