Hideaki Takizawa Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations

Earlier today, Hideaki Takizawa took to Twitter to address rumors that he too was a sexual predator during his time at Johnny & Associates.

Earlier this week, Josei Seven and NEWS Post Seven released stories that Takizawa forced talents to kiss him.

He is now on the defensive about these rumors, starting his Twitter defense with “I don’t want to leave this kind of content up, so I will delete it after some time!”

He continued, tweeting, “I am writing this to protect the company and myself. Recently, an unforgivable article was published by ‘Josei Seven’ and ‘NEWS Post Seven.’ Up until now, I have respected freedom of expression and freedom of the press, and have never objected to the the press. However, this article has distorted timelines and untrue contentt, so i firmly deny it. There are people who believe articles like this, and those who mislead them. In the age of online society where children are watching, this is not good for their education, and I think there are too many things that can be done. Reporting content that is different from the facts should not be done, and I think it is embarrassing an adult. In the future, I would like you to stop posting content that is untrue. If this were a matter pertaining to an artist, I would thoroughly refute and respond to it, but since this is a personal matter, I will share my thoughts on social media. I apologize to anyone made to feel uncomfortable. I believe that posting content that differs from the facts the same as violence.”

Source: Yahoo News


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