GENERATIONS Announce New Album and Tour

GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe are to release their new album “X” on March 8, 2023! During a live broadcast at their concert “GENERATIONS LIVE TOUR 2022 WONDER SQUARE THE FINAL ~Christmas Special~” held at Saitama Super Arena on December 15th, they have also announced a new tour.


The new album “X”, will be GENERATIONS’ 7th original studio album. Since 10 years have passed since their debut in 2012, the members expressed their determination to overcome the endless hurdles of the future and return to their origin. It is an album with the meaning of connecting the dots one by one toward their dreams.


“GENERATIONS 10th ANNIVERSARY YEAR GENERATIONS LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘THE BEST'” is scheduled for 8 stops starting at Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena M-Wave on March 25th.

Tour dates and locations:
03/25 (Sat) Nagano / Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena M-Wave 

03/26 (Sun) Nagano / Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena M-Wave 

04/15 (Sat) Aichi/Nippon Gaishi Hall 

04/16 (Sun) Aichi/Nippon Gaishi Hall 

04/22 (Sat) Tokyo/ Ariake Arena 

04/23 (Sun) Tokyo/Ariake Arena 

05 /17 (Wednesday) Osaka / Osaka Hall 

05/18 (Thu) Osaka / Osaka Hall


For more information please refer to the official site


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