Ash and Pikachu Fall Prey to Layoffs Showing No One Is Safe; Japan Reacts

As everyone around the world learned of on December 16th, the Pokémon Company announced that they would be replacing both Ash Ketchum (in Japanese, Satoshi) and Pikachu next Spring.

The West Reacts

Given how big of a phenomenon Pokémon was, it should be no surprise that Japan also strongly reacted to this news as well.

Commenters on Yahoo Japan pointed out that both Ash and Pikachu have achieved their dream of winning the World Championship after 25 years, so it would make sense that they would replace the main characters with new people with another dream – but that despite this, they can’t help but feel a sense of sadness and nostalgia. Others mentioned that they would be watching Ash and Pikachu off with a congratulations on trying their best for 25 years, saying that the series they grew up with is now a series even their children watch eagerly.

But where Yahoo Japan waxed poetic, Girls Channel was much more direct. People mentioned that a Pokémon series without Pikachu just wouldn’t be the same. Others wondered what would happen to the actors behind the two main characters, as the series would change quite drastically without these two.

Needless to say, it is a sad day for the world as this iconic series takes its next step.



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