Curtains Rise for Fruits Basket 2nd Season

On the 6th, the production of the stage play Fruits Basket 2nd season began. The show is expected to run until the 15th of this month.

The cast includes Nogizaka46 member Yoshida Ayano Christie, who plays the main character Honda Tohru. Sohma Yuki is played by Kitagawa Naoya, and Sohma Kyo is played by Hashimoto Shohei, with 16 other supporting actors in the cast for a total of 19 performers.

Yoshida reprises her role as Tohru from the previous production, which was over a year ago. Talking about her role, she said: I feel like I have grown as an actress from the previous production, and have been able to more deeply communicate and build a better relationship with my fellow cast members.

Kitagawa also remarked on the set, saying: one of the primary things that stand out about this particular production is the way the stage is set up as a runway, allowing audiences to get a different feel from every angle of the venue. This is new to this particular work, and I hope the audience can fully appreciate how every seat allows you to experience the show in a different way.



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