Awich Teams Up with MFS for “ALI BABA”

On August 9, Awich released her EP “United Queens.” This Chaki Zulu-produced release sees her collaborating with a number of female rappers, centering on the song “Bad Bitch Bigaku”, which saw her working with Yurufuwa Gang‘s NENE, LANA, and MaRI. This release also include the song’s viral remix, which added AI and YURIYAN RETRIEVER into the mix.

Today, Awich released the music video for the song “ALI BABA.” This time, she’s collaborating with MFS. Check out the video below!

Awich「United Queens」配信ジャケット

1. Bad Bitch 美学(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich, NENE, LANA & MaRI (Bad Bitch Bigaku(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich, NENE, LANA & MaRI)
2. イケメンタル feat. NENE(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich (Ikemental feat. NENE(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich)
3. Pussy feat. MaRI(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich
4. Skit(Pussy Preach)
5. ALI BABA feat. MFS(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich
6. Shut Down feat. CYBER RUI(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich
7. Bad Bitch 美学 Remix(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich, NENE, LANA, MaRI, AI & YURIYAN RETRIEVER (Bad Bitch Bigaku Remix(Prod. Chaki Zulu)/ Awich, NENE, LANA, MaRI, AI & YURIYAN RETRIEVER)



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