At the NHK Kouhaku Rehearsal, NiziU Talk About Feelings & Thoughts on Appearing with TWICE

On December 28th, the rehearsals for the upcoming Kouhaku Uta Gassen were held at NHK Hall. At the press conference for the event NiziU was able to comment both about the past year and the ability to stand next to fellow JYP agency idols TWICE.

Mako, speaking on behalf of the group, mentioned that 2022 was one of massive growth for them, with two big firsts for them: a solo tour across Japan in 7 different cities, as well as their first dome tour. She spoke about wanting to show this massive growth on stage for all of Japan to see.

Miihi mentioned the honor it was to be able to stand next to beloved seniors TWICE, whom all the girls look up to and adore. While nerves were expected, she spoke of wanting to bring about a performance that was uniquely NiziU and one that would allow them to create wonderful memories alongside TWICE.

Source: Oricon


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