Akiko Yano & Former Astronaut Soichi Noguchi Come Together for “Kimi ni Aitainda, Totemo”

On March 1, Akiko Yano and former Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi will release their collaborative album, “Kimi ni Aitainda, Totemo.”

The idea for this album came about in February 2020, when Akiko, a lover of space, asked Soichi to write lyrics while in space from November 2020 to May 2021. He wrote 14 sets of lyrics, which Akiko then took and composed and created music for, in effect giving listeners the experience of space travel.



1. ドラゴンはのぼる (Dragon wa Noboru)
2. ごらん (Goran)
3. ここにある地球(ほし) (Koko ni Aru Chikyu (Hoshi))
4. 育てよう (Sodate You)
5. 月と地球とドラゴンと (Tsuki to Chikyu to Dragon to)
6. 南極にいきたい (Nankyoku ni Ikitai)
7. 青い夜 (Aoi Yoru)
8. 宇宙を歩くひとたち (Uchuu wo Aruku Hitotachi)
9. おかえり、はやぶさ2 (Okaeri, Hayabusa2)
10. 愛しい野菜 (Itoshii Yasai)
11. 巡りゆく月 (Meguri Yuku Tsuki)
12. ここに いるはず (Koko ni Iru Hazu)
13. 透き通る世界 (Sukitoru Sekai)
14. 雲を見降ろす (Kumo wo Mi Orosu)

Limited Edition Blu-ray
1. SPACE SESSION(Reading Video)
2. 「ドラゴンはのぼる」Music Video (“Dragon wa Noboru” Music Video)
3. 「ここにある地球(ほし)」Music Video (“Koko ni Aru Chikyu (Hoshi)” Music Video)
4. 矢野顕子・野口聡一 対談 (Akiko Yano x Soichi Noguchi Taidan)



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