Agency for Cultural Affairs Considers Creating Asian Version of the Grammys

In an interview with Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokura Shunichi, Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, stated that he is considering creating a music award show similar to the Grammys for Asian artists. The show would be held in the agency’s New home city of Kyoto in 2025. The goal of the show is to advance Japanese artists to the world stage.

With the its move to Kyoto, the agency’s wants to find new ways to promote Japanese culture, with the goal of developing the music and film industries to be more export-centric. The creation of this Grammy-like show is part of that effort.

In terms of Asian pop music, KPop acts like BTS and NewJeans are taking the world by storm. Tokura, who is a composer, pointed out that,  “Japan has a large domestic music market, so the domestic market is enough. Koreans have more initiative to expand overseas.” He added, “In order to spread JPop overseas, I want to hold a music award show in Kyoto that will attract attention from around the world.”

Source: Yahoo News


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