Pokémon Unveils Details of their Van Gogh Collaboration

Earlier this month, the Pokémon company teased a mysterious trailer hinting at a possible collaboration with the prestigious Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Today, the full details of the collaboration have been released.


Running from the end of September to the beginning of January, the collaboration event will not just feature special goods, but also Van Gogh inspired Pokémon art pieces (4 of them themed on iconic works such as Self Portrait with the Grey Felt Hat and the Sunflora in the Sunflowers) as well as various learning materials with Pokémon themes directly tied to the famous artist.


Of course, the new collaboration goods are a key point for any Pokémon fan. Included are themed plushies, puzzles and prints of the featured Van Gogh inspired artworks. Qualifying purchases will get a special limited edition card.

Don’t miss this event!


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