Ae! group’s Yoshinori Masakado to Star in Special Drama “Kyoto no Ohikkoshi”

On December 29, the special drama “Kyoto no Ohikkoshi” will make its debut on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. The drama stars Yoshinori Masakado of Ae! group. He plays the role of Omiya Toshiya, a 27 year old art school graduate who lives in Osaka. Although he isn’t unhappy with his life, he has lost a sense of joy due to the mundanity of it. One day, he visits Kyoto to see his cousin Saki (played by Renbutsu Misako), who runs an antique shop. While exploring the city’s nature and unknown side, he discovers his purpose.

In addition to the drama portion, “Kyoto no Ohikkoshi” will also include a documentary portion featuring the cast visiting the shops of Kyoto.

Of the drama, Yoshinori said that he was confused by the mixture of drama and documentary at first, but trusted the director’s vision. In the end, Yoshinori’s discovery of Kyoto was also Toshiya’s as well.

In related Ae! group news, the group recently released a fansubbed English-subbed video of their debut performance at “INAZUMA ROCK FES.”, which took place on October 9.


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