Ae! group’s Taisei Fukumoto Speaks on Julie Fujishima Resignation Debate

On September 2, Taisei Fukumoto of Johnnys’ Jr. group Ae! group appeared on YTV’s morning show “Asapara S.” The current debate over whether Johnny & Associates President Julie Fujishima should resign from her role, per the suggestion of third party investigation’s report, or stay in her role, per the request of Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims Association, was brought up. Taisei, seeing as how he is a talent from the company, requested to share his thoughts on the issue.

On the show, Taisei started by saying, “I would like to speak honestly in my own words, while the company is facing the victims sincerely from now on, a special team of outside experts is now recommending Julie’s resignation. On the other hand, some of the victims have said that they want Julie to face them without resigning. As a company, we have to listen to various opinions and then draw conclusions. It is not a simple yes or no question, but something more delicate. We have a little time until September 7 (the day that Johnny & Associates holds a press conference to respond to the report), so we will listen carefully and then come to a conclusion, and take accountability.”

“I don’t know whether Julie will resign or not, but from now on, I hope that she will continue to face the victims for the rest of her life. Even if she does resign, I hope that she continues to do this,” he added. “Her resigning should not be seen as her running away from the situation.”

He continued, “Furthermore, this is going to be a personal story, but as an active talent belonging to Johnny & Associates, I think we are in a situation where there are many people worried about us. As a member of Ae! group, our range of activities has expanded. Julie and Johnny’s Island President Yoshihiko Inohara are currently facing us, and really listen to what we care about. They talk to us in private until we are satisfied. Even when we call them on the phone, they respond immediately.”

“We don’t have to worry about everyone worrying about us. I’m fine, I will continue to entertain while being under Johnny & Associates. I want to deliver entertainment that makes everyone happy,” he concluded.


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