Ae! group to Hold Special Online Event for Their 5th Anniversary

Ae! group is celebrating their fifth anniversary on February 18! In celebration of this, they will hold a special online event! The group will stage their play “Bokura Ae! group tte Iimasu nen” on Family Club Online at 5 PM JST that day.

The play was first performed in April 2019, as a means of introducing the Kansai Jr. group to Tokyo. The play then hit stages in the Kansai prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, and Shiga the following August and September.

SUPER EIGHT member You Yokoyama produced the original play in 2019, and at the time said, “”We’ve tried to create a show that shows off their charm to the fullest, one that will make you wonder, ‘Who are these guys?'” The resulting show showcased original songs, the members’ special skills, and their own stories. You is returning to produce the 2024 version of “Bokura Ae! group tte Iimasu nen.”

The play itself will last about an hour, with a talk session afterwards. Tickets are available to Family Club members worldwide for ¥2500. The show will be available for later viewing until 11:59 PM on February 18. Tickets can be bought here.


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