Absolute Center and Ace of NGT48 Homma Hinata Announces Graduation

The main “absolute center” of controversial group NGT48 has announced that she will graduate. Homma Hinata, a first generation founding member of the group, was one of the most consistently popular members, and the only member to stay in the main senbatsu after the unfortunate scandal.

In her graduation speech, she thanked all her fans for supporting her thus far, and said that this was a major step in her dreams towards becoming an actress as she has always aspired to be. Please find a translation of her speech below.

Please let have a moment to announce something.

I, Homma Hinata, will graduate from NGT48.

From the age of 15, I have been in this group for over 8 years.

I’ve been supported by so many people and surrounded by so much affection, which is why I’ve been able to come this far.

Even from before I had joined NGT48, my dream has remained consistently the same: to become an actress.

I’ve been preparing bit by bit, and have finally completed all the things I need to do in order to fulfill that dream.

In order to take the next step, I will graduate from the group.

It’s scary and painful to leave all the people and all the places I love, but I want to grow in my career and become someone who can try their best and come back to Niigata and to NGT48 proudly.

My graduation will be in Spring of next year.

I will try my best to make the most out of the precious time I have left with both the members and this place before I leave, since it won’t be right away.

Thank you so much for looking after me!

Source: modelpress


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