“65th Japan Record Awards” Livestream & Chat

On December 30 at 5:30 PM JST, the “65th Japan Record Awards” will air.

Many acts are nominated for the Grand Prix, including Atarashii Gakko no LeadersMrs. GREEN APPLERyokuoushoku ShakaiAdoJunretsuNewJeansJO1imaseIchikawa Yukino, and BE:FIRST. The Best New Artist Award will also be given out to Kimura TetsujiFRUITS ZIPPERBoku ga Mitakatta Aozora, or LIL LEAGUE. The show will feature performances by many of the acts named above!

There is a livestream of the show and Nante Japan will be hosting a chat on Discord so that readers can chat with each other during the show!

Chat (in the #general section)

The show’s live stream link will be provided in the chat a few minutes before the show’s start.


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