YOSHIKI Reveals His New Group XY

Last February, YOSHIKI teamed up with NTV for a new boyband survival series, “YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X.” In November, 20 contestants were announced. However, tragedy struck soon after when YOSHI, one of the contestants, died in an accident. At the request of YOSHI’s family, further auditions were held.

On the February 28 episode of NTV’s morning show “Sukkiri”, YOSHIKI revealed the final group of 13 that will soon make their debut: XY. This new group will have two units: one a dance vocal group, and the other a band. On the show, YOSHIKI spoke of the group’s uniqueness, their overwhelming vocal talent, and their world class dance ability.

XY will perform at the “36th Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2023 SPRING/SUMMER” on March 4 at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium.


Dance vocal unit



Band unit




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