Yabuki Nako and SF9’s Rowoon Host Conference for New Program, THE IDOL BAND:BOY’S BATTLE

HKT48‘s Yabuki Nako and SF9‘s Rowoon hosted the first ever press conference for the upcoming TBS and SBS‘s new idol band audition project, THE IDOL BAND:BOY’S BATTLE, aired in full on YouTube today.

The press conference aired sneak peaks of the upcoming TV show, and unveiled who the main producers would be for the project (FTISLAND, CNBLUE, N.Flying, KEYTALK, 感覚ピエロ). The show is meant to feature 54 contestants who will compete for a chance to debut in an idol band meant to be a joint Japan-Korea project between TBSSBS and FNC Entertainment, with episodes to air weekly on Saturdays in both countries.

Watch the full press conference below!



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