WEST., JUJU, ano, and More Perform on “CDTV Live! Live!” for October 23

This week’s episode was a two hour special. This week’s guests were Little Glee Monster, ano, JUJU, WEST., shy taupe, asmi, and  Hitsujibungaku.

Little Glee Monster – UP TO ME!

ano – Namida-kun, Kyou mo Ohayou

JUJU – Aa Mujou / DESIRE -Jounetsu-


shy taupe – Rendezvous

asmi – Hiraki Ao

Hitsujibungaku – more than words


Watch here


The next episode is November 6:

IVE – Off The Record / ELEVEN -Japanese ver.-

King & Prince – Itoshi Ikiru Koto / MAGIC WORD

shy taupe – Burn!!

Da-iCE – Naimo No Nedari

TOMORROW X TOGETHER – Chasing That Feeling


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