Virtual Singer KAF Collaborates With Prolific Electronic Artist MONDO GROSSO For “My Voice”

Eras of Japanese pop music collide and coalesce on My Voice, a collaboration between virtual singer KAF and prolific electronic project MONDO GROSSO, the solo moniker of long-running creator Shinichi Osawa. The prior, a leading example of a digital-native artist pushing art into fresh directions but boasting an emotionally wrenching human voice, fits in naturally with the latter’s rippling dance sounds, which he’s perfected for nearly three decades. Together, they forge a new path forward built from experience.

My Voice is part of KAF’s Musical Suite Collaboration, a long-running project finding the boundary-pushing virtual artist stepping out of her comfort zone to work with Japanese artists ranging from rocker Miyavi, experimental fireball Hakushi Hasegawa and left-field producer Kenmochi Hidefumi. For the 14th installment of the series, she connects with Shinichi Osawa under his MONDO GROSSO guise, which he’s used to blur elements of jazz, funk, house, electro and more together. On My Voice, Shinichi Osawa lays down a dizzying electronic backdrop dappled by fragile piano notes over which KAF explores her experience with the musical medium, which she has been exploring since her early teenage years.

“Wandering emotions…even if it feels like I’ve put my emotions out there through my songs, there are still feelings that continue to drift somewhere within me. Every time I recall them, I find comfort in the fact that they still make me feel pain, embarrassment, or excitement. Through My Voice, I want to recreate and confirm those feelings that I couldn’t express in words then, or didn’t want to talk about, or still don’t fully understand. This desire may be the origin of what makes my songs uniquely mine.” KAF

“I’ve had moments in the past where I’ve projected very personal emotions into my music, and I believe this new song is one of those instances. It might be the first time I’ve tried to create music without actually meeting or even seeing the other person involved. In a way, this music could only have been born under these unique circumstances. I’ve taken the risk of creating the lyrics, composition, and sound production, and I’m happy to say that it’s a satisfying representation of ‘my voice.’” Shinichi Osawa

Take a listen to the song here!


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