TWICE’s J-Line, MiSaMo, Appears on the Cover of Vogue For the First Time!

Promoting their newest digital release BouquetTWICE member trio MiSaMo (short for MinaSana and Momo), spoke with Vogue Japan and appeared on their cover for the first time. Find some excerpts from the interview below!

“I’m so happy that we’re able to face another 8 years together again as a 9-member group”, said Momo. The other two agreed with this statement, with Sana adding “we all thought of each other as part of a collective, and were not willing to think of going our separate ways moving forward”.

In various parts of the interview, the members reflected on their time as TWICE, talking about the group’s massive popularity in Japan as well as how united they feel not just as a group but with the fans as well. In addition, they spoke extensively about what it was like to release various hit songs such as Feel Special and LIKEY.

This cover shoot and interview is special not just because it is the first time TWICE is on the cover of Vogue Japan, but because it is the first time this trio has appeared as a unit on a fashion publication.

Find some pictures from the publication, and be sure to get a copy here!


Source: Vogue Japan


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