Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Looks Back On 7 Years Since the Disband of SMAP and Reveals His Own Personal Growth

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi appeared on Kansai Fuji TV’s Sanma no Manma New Year Special broadcasted on the 2nd of January, and looked back on the 7 years since SMAP disbanded. It was Tsuyoshi’s first time in 31 years since he appeared on the show, and 7 years since he last co-starred on a program with Sanma Akashiya. He revealed that as he grew older, he gained more respect for senior celebrities who are still active in the entertainment industry. Regarding his current activities, he stated that even though the group’s journey has ended, he himself has returned to feeling like a rookie due to busy schedules. 


In addition, when Sanma mentioned that Tsuyoshi won the 2021 Japan Academy Awards for Best Actor in the movie Midnight Swan (2020), he made a humble remark, “I was just lucky.” 

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