Travis Japan’s Genta Matsuda Shows Off What 4% Body Fat Looks Like on New Tarzan Cover

Travis Japan member Genta Matsuda is the cover boy for the 855th issue of Tarzan, out April 20.

“I’ve never had a stomach this defined before,” Genta said. The magazine’s shoot was this past March, and Genta worked from January on his stomach for it. On the day of the shoot, his body fat was at 4%. After two months of training, he had a beautiful, proportioned body with six pack abs.

In this issue of Tarzan, Genta speaks with excitement about his body, and the exercise and diet techniques he used to developed it. Genta said that during the performances of “Endless SHOCK” and “Takizawa Kabuki”, he was thin, with faint abs. This changed with diet and exercise, with him learning the importance of diet. His improved body led to better performance on stage, with the sharpness of his dancing now being a perfect 100 in his mind. He wants to teach others his tips so they can improve their bodies as well.

Check out Genta’s full cover below!

「Tarzan」855号表紙 (c)マガジンハウス



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