Tomoya Nakamura Confirmed To Star In New TV Asahi Drama


On April 18, TV Asahi’s new mystery drama “Hayabusa Syobodan” announced that Tomoya Nakamura is confirmed to star in the drama.


“Hayabusa Syobodan” is based off Jun Ikeido’s mystery novel of the same name and depicts a mystery writer who seems to be in a slump encounters a series of inexplicable cases of arson that occurred in a small village in the mountains. He then proceeds to search for the truth of the suspicious deaths of the residents. It will be directed by Jota Tsunehiro and Daisuke Yamamoto and written by Takashi Kosaka of the drama “Seven Secretaries.”


Tomoya Nakamura will play the role of Taro, the main character who becomes entangled in the disturbing incidents. 


“Hayabusa Syobodan” will be airing in July. Stay tuned for more updates!