October 2, 2023

TikTok Japan Announces Winners of TikTok Awards Japan 2022, THE SUPER FRUIT, ≠ME and WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA Among Winners


TikTok Awards 2022

TikTok Japan announced their winners for their TikTok Buzzword Awards 2022. Earlier, both creators and hashtags were nominated across a number of categories. Find the winners below!

Compiled using a list of nominated buzzwords selected from hashtag challenges, songs and various trends across the platform in 2022, the judges selected the winners based on the number of posts, views, likes and user votes through the TikTok application. From the perspective of the platform this list was considered to be the definitive compilation of what was popular in Japan on TikTok.

  • Main Prize: Soredewa Kiitekudasai, Chiguhagu[THE SUPER FRUIT – Chiguhagu]
  • Challenge Prize: Teyuuka, Mirutentte Nani? [≠ME  – Teyuuka, Mirutentte Nani?]
  • Phrase Prize: Anya, Peanuts ga Suki [SPY x FAMILY anime]
  • Music Award Prize: Odoru Hima ga Attara Hatsumei Shitee [WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA – Edison]
  • Effect Prize: Effect House
  • Special Award: Ai no Shirushi [Puffy – Ai no Shirushi]

Given that the platform is blind to when exactly a song was released, songs from as long as 29 years ago (Romance no Kamisama by Hirose Kohmi) went viral alongside some that were released just this year (Edison, Paku). A selection of the songs from the top 30 follow the cut below.

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