Takahashi Juri (ex-AKB48) Joins Others in GIRL’S RE:VERSE, Korean Vtuber Show Now Back From The Dead

Earlier this year, GIRL’S RE:VERSE was announced as a TV program meant to create a new kind of K-pop group that would feature vtubers. As soon as the program and its teasers were announced fans were able to pinpoint exactly who would be part of the show. Among the participants was former AKB48 member Takahashi Juri.

But this was not smooth sailing for the idol, now aiming for her third debut. Just hours before the show was set to air, the TV show had its plug pulled due to various issues with the permissions attached to the models to be used for the program. After weeks of deliberations the show’s YouTube channel was updated to announce that the issues with the rights holders had been fully resolved, with the rebooted program now set to air starting January 2nd.


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