STARTO ENTERTAINMENT Named as Successor Talent Agency to Johnny & Associates

Today, Family Club, the temporary name for the new talent company that succeeded Johnny & Associates, revealed its new permanent name: STARTO ENTERTAINMENT. The announcement was made by the company’s new CEO Fukada Atsushi, and the company’s new COO Yoshihiko Inohara. Fukada comes from Sony’s film and digital entertainment divisions and has over 20 years of management experience.

There were 140,000 submissions were made to name the new management company. Eleven of those contained the word “starto.”

The company has provided us with an English-language statement outlining the meaning of the name, as well as some of the company’s forthcoming initiatives.

We are pleased to announce our new company name as “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT.”

The name is derived from STAR and TO, as in “to head toward the future.” It is an expression of our commitment to all our artists current and yet to come; with whom we inaugurate a new era in accordance with their individual talents and personal goals.

STARTO is, without any doubt, an entertainment team that represents the pride of Japan. Be it song, dance, or stagecraft, the first-class contents and national treasures of Japan have left an indelible mark around the world and mandate continued effort to meet the appropriately high expectations of their passionate fans.

Furthermore, in addition to our current services and offerings, we are pleased to announce 3 new undertakings:

・Greater digitization, including the establishment of a proprietary music streaming platform

・Increased global openness and overseas outreach

・Metaverse market entry: extending artists’ talents with state-of-the-art technology.

As STARTO, we will fervently apply ourselves toward a just, upright, bright, and international future for a new entertainment landscape; and hope we can count on your support in this endeavor.

The company’s new official site can be found here.

In addition, more re-branding decisions have been made. Johnny’s Entertainment Record will become “ELOV-Label” on January 1.


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