Snow Man’s Ren Meguro Named as New Fendi Ambassador

The Italian fashion house of Fendi has announced its newest ambassador: Ren Meguro of Snow Man! The announcement was made at a press conference today at Palazzo Fendi Omotesando in Tokyo. Ren is the first Japanese man to serve as the brand’s ambassador in Japan.

In January, Ren ventured to Milan for the fashion show for Fendi’s Fall / Winter 2024 men’s collection.

Of Ren’s appointment, Fendi said, “In addition to Meguro’s free and playful personality, he’s confident, yet dynamic. Through his beliefs and strength, he is able to take on challenges with a professional attitude and determination. He embodies the brand’s masculine image.”

Ren was so excited by his new role that he got goosebumps! He spoke of his love for Fendi, saying, “I like that they have a wide range of items, from casual items to items that would make you want to go to a party.” He admitted that Fendi was the first high end brand he bought clothes from.

Check out photos from the press conference below!

Fendi’s tweet announcing Ren’s new role:


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