Snow Man, YUKI, King Gnu, and More Added to “MUSIC STATION ULTRA SUPER LIVE 2022” Lineup

On December 23, “MUSIC STATION ULTRA SUPER LIVE 2022” will air. As previously announced, the show will feature performances by the likes of Yuuri, NiziU, Macaroni Enpitsu, Perfume, Daichi Miura, and DISH//.

A new set of performers has now been announced. This set includes Snow Man, YUKI, King Gnu, Maki Goto, Hirose Kohmi, and Little Glee Monster. See who else is performing below!

A.B.C-Z – Za ABC~5stars~ / Vanilla


Kanjani8 – Kassai

Kis-My-Ft2 – Two as One

KinKi Kids – Kiss Kara Hajimaru Mystery / Amazing Love

King & Prince – Irodori

King Gnu – Stardom

Johnny’s WEST – Hoshi no Ame

SixTONES – Good Luck!

Snow Man – Orange kiss / Brother Beat

Sexy Zone – Trust Me, Trust You.

Travis Japan – JUST DANCE!

Naniwa Danshi – Happy Surprise


Hey! Say! JUMP – Ultra Music Power / Koi wo Surunda

YUKI – Narihibiku Kagiri

Little Glee Monster – Join Us!

Original Love & Ovall – Seppun (M.D.L. Version)

Gospellers x Little Glee Monster – Christmas Carol no Koro ni wa / Christmas Eve

Maki Goto – Zurui Onna

Jaejoong – Danger Zone / One Heart / J-JUN with Mika Nakashima

DA PUMP – Dream on the street / P.A.R.T.Y. ~Universe Festival ~ / U.S.A.

Hirose Kohmi – Romance no Kamisama

PUFFY – Ai no Shirushi with Hoodie fam

Miyamoto Hiroji – DESIRE -Jounetsu-

and more



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