SixTONES’ Hokuto Matsumura Talks “Yoake no Subete” with Variety

Variety recently interviewed Hokuto Matsumura of SixTONES about his new film “Yoake no Subete” (“All the Long Nights”).

Based on Seo Maiko‘s novel and directed by Miyake Sho, the film centers on a woman, portrayed by Kamishiraishi Mone, whose pre-menstrual pain is so intense that it changes her character and disrupts her career. She is befriended by a younger, somewhat solitary man, played by Hokuto, who suffers from panic attacks.

Variety spoke to Hokuto about this “Yoake no Subete” before he went to Berlin to debut the film internationally at the Berlin Film Festival.

Read the full interview here.

And check out the film’s trailer and a clip of Hokuto in Berlin below!


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