Shoujo Publisher Polaris Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Collaboration Cafe

There has never been a better time to be a manga fan than the present. The pandemic set off record numbers across the world, pouring fuel into an already raging fire that was the manga application trend internationally. Several countries – including the US, Japan and others – saw record numbers since tracking was invented for manga sales.

One particular genre that has especially benefitted is the shoujo genre. Not only are we seeing an influx of works into the genre, but new labels from those targeting children to much more explicit content have been popping up left and right internationally. One such label celebrating their 10th year in existence is Polaris.

To celebrate their anniversary, they will be offering special bonuses and free editions through a number of retailers. On top of that, they will also being doing a commemorative collaboration cafe through animate until November 12th.

In addition, a number of titles will be free for a select time period. This website recommends the series Kimi wo Aisuru Ki wa Nai, which while basic is quite fun and easy to read.


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