Seki Yumiko Announces Graduation from Sakurazaka46

Seki Yumiko of Sakurazaka46 announced on December 13th through her blog that she will be graduating from the group. In November 2018, Yumiko joined Keyakizaka46 (rebranded to Sakurazaka46) as a second generation member and was finally selected for the first time as a senbatsu member for their 4th single “Samidare yo” released in April of this year. The recently announced 5th single of Sakurazaka46 will be her last activities with the group. There will be an announcement on the  official Sakurazaka46 website about the graduation date as soon as it is decided.


She did not make a clear statement about her future, but in her blog she wrote that she will be walking towards a new dream and hopes that fans can accompany her. 


Sakurazaka46 will release their 5th single on February 15th 2023. 

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