OUT OF 48 Announces Their Final Line-Up For New Group, UNLAME

The AKB48 survival show OUT OF 48 has announced their final debut line up! The members for the group UNLAME are

  • HINANO (Kubo Hinano)
  • HIYUKA (Sakagawa Hiyuka)
  • NARUMI (Kuranoo Narumi)
  • SAE (Arai Sae)
  • SUZUKA (Sato Suzuka)
  • YUI (Yamaguchi Yui)
  • YUKA (Nakamura Yuka)

Of the members, HINANO, HIYUKA, NARUMI, YUI and SAE are currently members of AKB48. SUZUKA is a former member of chika idol group Amaterasu, and YUKA is brand new idol who debuted specifically for this show.

The group’s name is specifically a reference to the English term, and they will have their first appearance as a group at the Tokyo Girls Collection 2023 Autumn/Winter on September 2nd. Their predebut single, I am I, will have the songs I am I and Prismatic…, with Warner Music Japan set to distribute the release.

Source: Sports Hochi

Presave the songs here!


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