JUJU Announces New Single, New Album, and Tokyo Dome Concert

On August 30, JUJU played Tokyo International Forum Hall A as part of her current 20th anniversary tour, “JUJU En Special Snack JUJU 2023 ~47 Todofuken Shutten!! “Ano Mama” ga JUJU 20 Shunen wo Katte ni Maeiwai Zenkoku Tour~. This tour sees her performing in all 47 of Japan’s prefectures. At this concert, she announced that she will perform at Tokyo Dome on February 17, 2024. This concert also will be part of her “Snack JUJU” series of concerts, in honor of her 20th anniversary. During the “Snack JUJU” concerts, JUJU plays the role of a snack bar mama, performing covers of Showa songs, with the venue serving as her large snack bar.

“I wanted to make the biggest snack bar in the world, so I started this snack bar six years ago. Currently, there are stores in all 47 prefectures,” she told the audience. “While doing this, I wanted to try to make the biggest snack bar again! On February 17, 2024, I’m opening a store in Suidobashi!” she said, referring to the location of Tokyo Dome.

The concert, named “Sony Ginko presents JUJU En Super Live Snack JUJU Tokyo Dome En ~Mama ga JUJU 20 Shunen wo Seidai ni Oiwai!! Ichiya Kagiri no Otona no Kayousai~”, will have many different seating types, including VIP arena table seats, balcony reserved seats, VIP group seats, and regular reserved seats.

Before the Tokyo Dome concert, JUJU will release a new cover album, “Snack JUJU ~Yoru no Request~ ‘Kaettekita Mama'”, on November 1. This is her first “Snack JUJU” album since October 2016’s “Snack JUJU ~Yoru no Request~.” Ahead of the release of the album, she will release the single “Nagori Yuki / Aa Mujou.” This release sees her covering Iruka and Ann Lewis.



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