September 28, 2023

modelpress Readers’ Pick 2023 First Half Oshi Ranking


With only 122 days left in the year, publisher modelpress released their readers’ pick oshi ranking for their favorites of 2023 thus far!

The ranking was split into four parts.

In the first section, we had readers picking their favorite celebrities throughout the year that were continuously active. In no particular order, the final ten were

  • Yamada Yuki
  • Ando Sakura
  • Nao (Honda Nao)
  • Nagase Ren (of King & Prince)
  • Kubo Shiori (of Nogizaka46)
  • Ano
  • Comdotto
  • Newjeans

For the second section, we had readers picking who they thought represented Johnny’s for the year

  1. Nagase Ren (King & Prince)
  2. Meguro Ren (Snow Man)
  3. Kikuchi Fuma (Sexy Zone)

And for most viral song of the year, we had

  1. YOASOBIIdol
  2. SixTONESKokkara
  3. BE:FIRSTBoom Boom Back

And finally, as a nod to the power of everything Korean right now in Japan, we had the readers favorite K-drama for the year

  1. The Glory
  2. Crash Course in Romance
  3. The Good Bad Mother

As if to highlight the power of everything now being online, all the dramas are those currently being aired on Netflix, and 2 of the top 10 favorite celebrities are YouTubers.

Source: modelpress

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