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NiziU – Memories Review

NiziU Memories Cover

Release Date: February 6, 2024

Track Listing

  1. Memories


Memories is NiziU’s fourth digital single and is a featured theme song for Universal Studios Japan’s “Uni Haru 2024” in Osaka. According to the song’s description on their YouTube channel, Memories is NiziU’s first spring song that’s just right for the sentiments of “new encounters” and “departures.”

The lyrics of Memories are fitting of a collaboration song for a theme park where you can spend a few hours absorbed in whatever attractions you are into. The song itself is also as one would expect. It’s upbeat, energetic, and sounds like something you would hear on repeat endlessly as background noise at Universal Studios.

What? Were you expecting a sad ballad about the extortionist costs of theme parks and how you spend most of your time standing in line for stuff? Traumatic as all that is, it’s also poor marketing. It’s better to focus on the positive experiences.

There’s no promotional video for Memories. Nor could I find a Japanese ad for Universal Studios using a snippet of the song. So those of you looking for visuals to gush over while ignoring the music are out of luck.

Overall, Memories is an enjoyable stopgap to appease the thirsty NiziU fanbase until their next release arrives.

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