September 22, 2023

NEWS’ Shigeaki Kato to Release New Book, Open Social Media Accounts


On October 25, Shigeaki Kato of NEWS will release his new book, “Nare no Hate.” This is his first book since his November 2020 one, “Alternate.” The mystery novel focuses on a painting, and the people who come into contact with it.

The novel is set in Tokyo, Akita, and Niigata. It unfolds in the Taisho, pre- and post-war Showa, and Reiwa eras. The book is inspired by the Tsuchizaki Air Raid, one of the last air raids against Japan during World War II. In the book, a TV station employee uncovers a secret hidden by a family in Akita while searching for information about the painting.

When he first started with the book, Shigeaki wrote a plot that is 10,000 characters long. He worked on his manuscript for three years, resulting in a 740 page one.

The books promotional image can be found below.

Shigeaki Kato (NEWS) "Nare no Hate" Poster Visual (Design: Masato Takayanagi)


In related news, Shigeaki has now opened social media accounts on X / Twitter and Instagram to promote the book. In response to the opening of this X / Twitter account, Shigeaki’s groupmate Keiichiro Koyama posted a photo of him eating soba. Shigeaki reacted to this photo by posting a photo of Keiichiro.

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